Monday, 7 January 2013

AJL 27-As Its Happen

The most prestigious "Anugerah Juara Lagu 27"!!!!!

I should salute TV3 for this.

Let us analyse AJL 27 as its happen:

Opening Gambit:
Started by Misha Omar -    Bunga-Bunga Cinta. Enough to kick start the competition withvher powerfull vocal. With the theme Aspirasi Seni, Ziana Zain continue with a song entitled Fantastik and Faizal Tahir close the gambit with his new single Anti Graviti.

Nice gimmick introduced during the opening gambit which conceptualise graphic background.

The only flaw is only less synchronisation between lighting and performer's positioning.

Let's start the walkthrough now :)

Ombak Rindu - Hafiz ft Adira 
As expected, full of drama,good vocal rendition by both singers and Aaron Aziz has added some flavour to the performance...mmmmph speechless.

Patah Seribu - Shila Amzah 
Seriusly short poem at the first verse is necessary. However Shila Amzah tooks too long to express the poem which end up to be a boring start. Her vocal seems to be inconsistent, tired I guess. Her performance does not portray a newly crowned best singer in China recently.

Simetri - Hazama ft Amy Search 
It was a good vocal collaboration between both singers. The only minus point is the crowded stage.

Idola - Azlan & The Typewriter 
I always adore Azlan's hi pitched vocal. Its just an ok performance with full stage optimisation.

Pelangi Senja - Stacy
I admire her husky and powerful voice. Opportunity for best vocal is there for her. The jetty on stage concept also nice.

Lagu - Bedroom Sanctuary
This is awesome unplugged performance with some raggea touch and full band rendition. The whole song is nicely performed through an experimental music with orchestra background.For a new singer like him...Congratulation....

Tanpamu - Amir Jahari
Look..where Amir Jahari stands now (a failed AF9 student)....On AJL Good performance concept in-line with AJL 27 theme, entertaining and his basking skill shines.

Teman Pengganti - Black ft RJ
No Malique as a rapper but RJ has done impresively as a replacement singer.

Spinning platform concept is creative enough to serve new performance dimensions to viewers.

Black as usual have good hi -clean pitch voice and no comment about his ability.

Terukir Di Bintang - Aizat (o.a Yuna) 
Spontaneous performance style with a cup of nescafe is very entertaining. Good song in a catchy tempo.

Sometime Aizat's voice fell behind the music and I think his low tone does not reach the original singer's vocal range.

Ku akui - Hafiz
His vocal was so clean and clear while singing this slow number.The tone, timing, tempo and pitch are almost perfect through this song.

Andaiku Bercinta Lagi - Mojo 
What a best slow rock song ever produced last year. Mojo's colonial performance concept with Marsha Milan Londoh as a falsetto backing singer cum heroin in the story-line is very cool.

Aweera is no doubt has a very hard rock and hi pitch vocal range.

I can say that there is a bright future for this band line up in the future. Congratulations...

Anak Kampung - Jimmy Palikat ft One Nation Emcees
With a modern mixed with ethnic concept, it suits the song very well. Mimi's singing style was very mmmmm bewitching the right word..feewiiit :)

Last performance prior winners announcement was a great Rock Will Never Die show. It should be better. However from my personal observation, there are several things TV3 should take note:

1. The selection of guitarist. I had no objection for Edrie Hashim and Man Keedal, but the other 2...Rody and AG (who are these kids). Where is Hillary Ng, Joe Wings, Joe Burnmark or Kid Search.

2. Technical matters shall not hamper performers. Edrie's guitar sound almost disappear...poor Edrie...

No comments for selected singers. All 4 singers have done their very best although there are some glitchesvhereband there.

And finally the results are as follows:

Juara Lagu: Terukir Di Bintang
2nd place: Idola
3rd place: Ku Akui

Best performance: Black ft RJ through Teman Pengganti

Best vocal: Hafiz through Ku Akui
Congratulations to all song writers, lyricists and singers from me.

Please note that the above honest feedbacks and comments are made through my own observation and little knowledge in music background. The above mentioned facts are made for the sake of our info sharing.

So Let It Be Rock....

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